A single green sprouting thing / would restore me… .
[ and where does it come from? ]

November 2022

sometimes an essay is just a love letter to my friends

October 2022

The light is heavy too

September 2022

What if grief is an offering?

July 2022

What is a promise if not your hand in mine?

June 2022

privacy has never been more important

May 2022

Instructions on Not Giving UpListen now (7 min) | sharing 2 poems I love https://poets.org/poem/instructions-not-giving https://astra-mag.com/articles/against-nostalgia/
to the right —where they say the unlived life is.

March 2022

all that form and this epoch of unprecedented time allows

January 2022

this is less of an essay and more of a love letter

November 2021

i hope this grief stays with me