What is a noise like wings?

A noise like wings is a essay/poetry collection by Troy McCall (he/they 37), based in North Carolina.

Topics include:

  • long-term sobriety (a former heroin addict who’s been clean since 2010)

  • chronic-illness & pain (living with an autoimmune disorder and spinal hardware)

  • complex-grief (surviving the death of two intimate partners)

  • recovery from trauma and abuse

  • collectivism, political revolution

  • the wonder of the human condition

  • transformative grace

Troy is currently enrolled in the creative nonfiction MFA program at Queen's University. He studied undergraduate Computer Science & Creative Writing at University of North Carolina Charlotte, and graduate Genomic Sciences at NC State University.

When it’s not a global pandemic you can find them in a National Park, traveling solo internationally, working on open source projects, in their garden, at the climbing gym, co-chairing the local independent bookstores writers group, crashing a wedding for the dancing, carrying around full grown 70-lb dogs like they’re babies, or in a 12-step meeting.

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